John’s Unofficial Academic Transcript

Freshman Year (1997-1998)
A MA1023 Calculus III A 1/3
CS1005 Intro to Programming in C A 1/3
SS1120 Intro to Macroeconomics A 1/3
B CS2005 Techniques of Programming A 1/3
HI2331 Amer. Science and Tech. to 1865 A 1/3
MA1024 Calculus IV A 1/3
C HI2334 History of European Technology A 1/3
MG1100 Financial Accounting A 1/3
PH1111 Advanced Physics I A 1/3
D HI2332 Amer. Science and Tech. from 1865 A 1/3
MA2612 Applied Statistics II A 1/3
MG2101 Management Accounting A 1/3
Sophomore Year (1998-1999)
A HI1332 Introduction to History of Technology A 1/3
MG2300 Organizational Science A 1/3
MG2710 Business Application Platforms A 1/3
B HI2333 History of Science from 1700 A 1/3
MG2200 Financial Management A 1/3
MG2720 Business Application Dev. Tools A 1/3
C CS2011 Intro Comp Org and Assembler A 1/3
MG3700 Information Systems Management A 1/3
SUFF “History of the Development of the Aircraft Carrier” A 1/3
D CS3041 Human-Computer Interaction A 1/3
MG2950 Business Law and Ethics A 1/3
SS1110 Intro Microeconomics A 1/3
Junior Year (1999-2000)
A CS2022 Discrete Mathematics A 1/3
MG3400 Production Systems Design A 1/3
MG3600 Marketing Management A 1/3
B CS2223 Algorithms A 1/3
MG3960 Small Business Management A 1/3
SS1510 Introduction to Econ and Social Systems (Systems Dynamics) A 1/3
C IQP “Living History of WPI” A 1/3
MG2500 Mgt Sci I – Determ Dec Models A 1/3
MG3720 Business Data Management A 1/3
D IQP “Living History of WPI” A 2/3
MG4720 Systems Analysis and Design A 1/3
Senior Year (2000)
A MQP “Academic Resource Scheduling System” A 1/3
IS/P Business Analysis Matrices A 1/3
B MQP “Academic Resource Scheduling System” A 2/3