Undergraduate Studies at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

John attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute from August 1997 through December 2001.

John started his undergraduate work with the intention of majoring in Computer Science.  Within his first semester, he realized that his true passion lied in the interaction of information systems with business, and thus changed his major toManagement Information Systems, as to increase his general business acumen.

While at WPI, John was inducted into Tau Beta Pi, the national Engineering Honors Society.  He was also inducted into the Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society for Business, Management and Administration.

After three and a half years of study, John graduated with a B.S. in Management Information Systems, and a minor in Computer Science.

Unofficial Academic Transcript
Courses > Computer Science (6 courses)
Courses > History (5 courses)
Courses > Management (14 courses)
Courses > Mathematical Sciences (3 courses, 3 advanced placement)
Courses > Physics (1 course, 1 advanced placement)
Courses > Social Science (3 courses)
Sufficiency Project
Interactive Qualifying Project
Major Qualifying Project