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Keeping IT Simple – Infrastructure Choices for the Small Business

With the economic climate becoming increasingly hostile to small businesses, I’ve been giving a lot of thought (and research) into how small businesses can keep their IT costs low and maintain a smoothly-running IT infrastructure. Of course, the best way to discuss these topics is to dive into a specific example.


The scenario for this discussion is an accounting firm with 5-10 employees (I’m being particularly ambiguous, as this scenario involves a real client). Currently, they run Windows Small Business Server 2003. I’ll summarize their IT needs as (1) Exchange Server, (2) file serving, and (3) database software More >

Creating a Modern Line of Business Application using eXpressApp Framework

About a year ago, I began work on a large project to replace a FoxPro-based line-of-business application with a new modern system that would provide the customer with better visibility and management of their data, as well as improving our ability to rapidly implement new software capabilities to improve their business operations.

Before I get into the details of the new system, I’ll elaborate a bit on the old system. The customer’s Microsoft Visual FoxPro solution had been ported from the pre-Microsoft non-Visual version of FoxPro, so it was entirely text-based. In its previous life, the system resided on an IBM More >