My notes from today’s Microsoft Partner Program webcast…

Messaging: Exchange Server 2007

Internet Address Management Wizard (IAMW)

  • Configures SMTP
  • Configures SMTP Connectors
  • Configures self-issued certificates for encrypted email

Configure Internet Mil Wizard

  • Where you configure smart host (supports authentication

Configuring the POP3 Connector

  • Unique to Small Business Server
  • On a scheduled basis, will download mail and pull it into Exchange
  • Simplified from previous versions of SBS, but redesigned to be very reliable
  • [Retrieve now] button temporarily bumps up logging

Verifying DNS Records

  • Internet Address Mail Wizard configures
    • A records
    • MX records
    • SPF records
    • SRV records

Email protection

  • Exchange content filtering: uses Spam Confidence Level (SCL)
  • Exchange Recipient Filtering: uses Global Address List (GAL)
  • Exchange Sender Filtering: uses individual e0mail address or sender domain
  • Exchange Sender reputation: uses Sender Reputation Level (SRL), by default set to 7

Forefront Security for Exchange Server

  • Allows attachment filtering by name / type / size
  • Anti-virus scans before message entry, in transit, and in user mailboxes
  • Status shown in SBS Console

Message Tracking

  • Set up by default in SBS2008
  • You can search by Sender or Recipient
  • Can enable/disable, configure tracking log locations, configure the size of the log file, and set maximum age for tracking logs

Configuring Outlook Web Access

  • On the website tab, you can enable or disable specific users from having access to Outlook Web Access
  • Stay away from the Advanced Settings (IIS Manager)
  • Need to enable port 443 for Internet traffic connections

Collaboration: Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

SBS2008 now uses WSS3.

http://copmanyweb is automatically configured.
Central Administration is available at http://sbsconsole:16963

Managed in the SBS2008 Console under “Shared Folders and Web Sites” section, in the “Web Sites” tab.
Can configure what users have access.
Can launch Central Administration

Built in groups:

  • Windows SBS SharePoint_OwnersGroup
  • Windows SBS SharePoint_MembersGroup
  • Windows SBS SharePoint_VisitorsGroup

Integration with Office Live Small Business

Allows you to create a new Office Live Small Business account or link to an existing one.  Access this from the bottom of the Web Sites tab.

The Internet Address Management Wizard will automatically configure the correct A records to point to Office Live Small Business.

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