image Well, I finally got SQL Server 2008 installed today.  I had downloaded the DVD last week when it RTM’ed, uninstalled SQL 2005, and fully planned to install 2008 on the release date, but alas had to wait because SQL Server 2008’s installation complains if you have Visual Studio 2008 installed WITHOUT SP1 installed.  VS2008 SP1 was released yesterday, so today I was go for launch for VS2008 SP1 and SQL2008 installation.

So the biggest thing I was looking forward to in SQL 2008 was IntelliSense.  In the past, I’ve thought about buying Red Gate’s SQL Prompt tool just for the IntelliSense feature, but had trouble swallowing the $295 price tag just because I sometimes misspell a field name or table name.  Plus, with the knowledge that IntelliSense was coming in SQL2008, I figured that I could wait.

So the moment came…  I opened SQL Management Studio, connected to my client’s database, and started typing a query.  No IntelliSense.  Bummer.  Tried it a few different ways, but still no IntelliSense.  So off I went to the web, only to find, to my disappointment, that IntelliSense in SQL Server 2008 Management Studio only works if you’re going against a server running SQL Server 2008.  If you’re connected to an instance of SQL Server 2005 or 2000, you don’t get IntelliSense.

A bit disappointed, I’m back to my previous decision point — do I cough up for Red Gate’s SQL Prompt product?