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Problem accessing varchar(max) field from Classic ASP

At Info et Cetera, we have a really nice content management system that we developed a number of years ago, which we have in place at several clients.  While there are lots of content management systems commercially available today that probably have much more advanced features than our system, we like our CMS because it lets us build lots of custom database functionality to integrate into our clients’ sites.  Additionally, our system provides complete separation between the back end management system and the front end templating system in a very convenient and flexible manner.  But enough about that…

This week, I More >

SQL Server – People Forgetting to Add Indexes to Foreign Keys

I had an interesting conversation with a colleague today who insisted that when you create a foreign key in Microsoft SQL Server, it automatically adds an index on the foreign key.  Guess what — it doesn’t!!  I think this is one of the most common mistakes made in SQL Server.  I’ve seen wonderfully normalized databases where the developer did not create any indexes on the foreign keys.  With today’s fast hardware speeds, this problem is often masked because when you’re working with a new database, everything usually runs smoothly anyway.  It is after time that the problem manifests itself, as More >