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How to reset Offline Files in Windows Vista

The Offline Files feature in Windows Vista is fantastic! It truly solves the problems that Offline Files had in Windows XP. I have run across one problem though. Twice now, I’ve had to move all of my files to another server, necessitating clearing out my old offline files and enabling them at the new location. This tends to be an issue when you’re toting 25GB of Offline Files. So what I’ve found is that it’s easier to just completely reset Offline Files and have Windows Vista build it up from scratch. I’ve had a lot of trouble finding this procedure, More >

Windows Essential Business Server

Windows codename "Centro" now has a name — Windows Essential Business Server. If you haven’t heard of "Centro", it’s Microsoft’s upcoming server solution for "mid-sized businesses."

More info is at this blog post:

The surprising part is that this is not just one server running a bunch of software, it is "an integrated server infrastructure solution."

Windows EBS Standard consist of three servers:

  • Management Server (Windows Server 2008 with Active Directory Services and Systems Center Essentials)
  • Messaging Server (Active Directory Services, Exchange Server 2007, and Forefront Security for Exchange)
  • Security Server (Exchange Server 2007 and ISA Server vNext).

Windows EBS Premium adds a Database server running More >

Scheduling backups, reindexing, and CheckDB in SQL Server Express 2005

One of the things that I really missed with the move from SQL Server 2000 Desktop Edition to SQL Server Express 2005 was the removal of the SQL Server Agent and the Database Maintenance Plans.

I’ve gotten over the removal of SQL Server Agent by simply using Scheduled Tasks. You can simply save what your TSQL script into a file, then create a Scheduled Task in Windows in teh format:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\Bin\SQLCMD.EXE" -S .\SQLEXPRESS -i"C:\myscript.sql"

What I really missed, though, was the Database Maintenance Plans. Recently, I found the answer — a great project created by Jasper Smith ( called ExpressMaint. The More >