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File transfer status window in Vista

It’s always the little things that impress me the most.  I guess that’s because I don’t expect developers to pay attention to the little things when they’re working on so many big things.

One such example is the File Tranfer Status window in Windows Vista.  I guess I expected to still see the folders with flying documents, but today when I was transferring a large set of files, I was pleasantly surprised to find a new file transfer window.  This one is not only pretty, but useful!  Take a look… it shows you the actual file transfer speed (averaged, so it’s More >

Printers disappearing in Windows Server 2003 after installing SP1 – PrintUI.dll file missing

I recently ran across an interesting problem at a client with a server running Windows Server 2003.  After installing Service Pack 1, the Printers window was completely empty.  The printers were still visible from other computers over the network, but they were missing when viewed from the console.  The problem ended up being that the file PRINTUI.DLL was deleted during the service pack installation.  Apparently, the same problem happened at this client after installing Windows XP SP2.  The solution was quite easy — just copy PrintUI.dll from another computer running the same operating system.

I haven’t run across this anywhere else, More >

Snoopstick – Clever idea for paranoid parents

Here’s a clever idea for parents who need to monitor their children’s online behavior… But first, a brief disclaimer. I’m not really interested in getting into a debate on the ethics of using a product like this. It is obvious that this product could be used to monitor unsuspecting adults (e.g. spouses), which I wouldn’t suggest. It could, of course, also be used to monitor employees, who in my opinion should expect nothing less (but don’t forget to tell them that in a formal signed privacy policy). As for children, though, I think that in today’s world it is too More >