I finally got my e-mail-to-blog interface working! I definitely have some blog catching up to do. I’m at my first session this morning — IIS7 overview. I’m excited to learn= more about what is new in v7. I’ve heard a lot of buzz around the new plug= gable architecture. It’s starting, and being webcast live too!

This was a great session that went over a lot of the highlights of IIS7.  The speaker has some technical issues with keyboards gone wild, but it was beyond his control and provided some good humor first thing in the morning.

What I’m particularly excited about in IIS7 is that the metabase is finally gone.  IIS settings can now be configured via web.config files in applications and an applicationhost.config file on the machine.  This should be great for applications running in hosted environments, where previously web hosts had to provide web applications (usually not that good) to try to configure things.  Control is very granular in the new model, which is nice.

All sorts of new features too… I will have to blog later… off to another session.