Back in February, I took Microsoft up on the offer to take a free beta exam of the upgrade test to convert my Microsoft Certified Solution Developer certification to its newer equivalent. Beta exams are really exciting until you realize that you’re not going to get any results for months. It has been quite a white now, so this morning I logged into the Microsoft Certified Professional site to check and, sure enough, the exam is listed in my transcript as “Passed”, giving metwo new certifications — Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist for the .NET Framework 2.0 (Web Application and Windows Applications). This is really only the first of two halves of the upgrade process; the second half will take some serious studying. I took the beta exam because mainly because it was free and I wanted to test how much practical knowledge I have gained from using the new Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 tools (Visual Studio 2005, ASP.NET 2.0, etc.) in a practical work environment. I am so excited to have passed; it is a very good feeling to have passed something I didn’t “study” for.

The second part of the upgrade exams to become a Microsoft Professional Developer: Enterprise Applications Developer will require some serious studying, as it involves a lot of WSE (Web Services Extensions) material that I have not really gotten into yet. Perhaps some cramming and then take it at Tech Ed? Probably wishful thinking. 🙂