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Windows Workflow Foundation: Building Rules-Based Workflows

My second session of the day was on Workflow. This is a topic that really interests me because just about every piece of software I build has some kind of Workflow built into it. Streamlining this Workflow has the potential to save me a lot of development time. Great session that talked about how rules are processed in WF.

One a side note, great snack at break this morning — yummy cinnamon buns. 🙂

TechEd Session — IIS 7 End-to-End Overview

I finally got my e-mail-to-blog interface working! I definitely have some blog catching up to do. I’m at my first session this morning — IIS7 overview. I’m excited to learn= more about what is new in v7. I’ve heard a lot of buzz around the new plug= gable architecture. It’s starting, and being webcast live too!

This was a great session that went over a lot of the highlights of IIS7. The speaker has some technical issues with keyboards gone wild, but it was beyond his control and provided some good humor first thing in the morning.

What I’m particularly excited about More >

Windows Sharepoint Services v3 Development (1)

My notes from attending this Microsoft Tech Ed 2006 session…

  • Site columns: represent name of column and meaning. These are useful because youc an use site columns in more than one Content Type and then they’ll share columns if they’re displayed together.
  • Content Type: Item schema (set of columns), TEmplate, Parent content type, scope, workflow.
  • Lists define: Navigation, settings like history, attachments, permissions, workflow.
  • Content types are hierarchical.
  • Site columns are definted at the site livel.
  • You can have multiple content types in a view. The Content Type determines what the data entry form will look like.
  • Changes can optionally be More >

Windows Workflow: Overview

My notes from attending this Microsoft Tech Ed 2006 session…

  • WF is a framework for building workflow into applications.
  • It is part of the .NET Framwork 3.0.
  • Workflow: a program defined as a set of activities, control flow, run durably and transparently
  • You still have to provide a host for the workflow (i.e. instantiate the workflow objects)
  • Activity Framework
    • Specialized activities: Class with an execute method, returns ActivityExecutionStatus
    • Composite activities: Structure, State Machine, Rules-based
    • Flexible: You can change rules and add steps while WF is running
    • You can develop workflow in Visual Studio 2005 or Office Sharepoint Designer
  • Runtime: Hosted very easily. More >

Next Generation Data Access in ADO.NET vNext

My second session of Tech Ed is on the advances coming down the pipe for ADO.NET. There’s some neat stuff coming!

Key themes — Data modeling at a conceptual level, better integration with .NET, better integratino with programming languages.

Client views

  • View the data how you want the app to see it. This often involves denormalizing the data a bit.
  • Implemented on teh client (MapConnection, MapCommand, MapDataReader)
  • Can be designed so they are still updatable
  • Follows the same pattern as ADO.NET 2.0 — just another povider.
  • Behind the scenes turned back into schema of database.

Entity Data Model (EDM): Entity-relationship model, Explicit concdept of More >

Accelerating web application development with the Microsoft Enterprise Library

This was a great first TechEd session for me. It went into some detail on the application blocks available as part of the Enterprise Library:

  • Caching
  • Configuration
  • Cryptography
  • Data Access
  • Exception Handling
  • Logging & Instrumentation
  • Security

One thing that I really like is that the Enterprise Library comes with a configuration tool that will open the web.config file and make all of the appropriate entries.


Uses the connection strings defined in the web.config file (nice to see).General model is to create the database with a factory, create the command object (DbCommand), add parameters, and then execute / fill the dataset.Provides a More >

Tech Ed begins!

I’m here in Braintree on the way to Tech Ed 2006. If you’re not here with me and my 11,000 closest friends, you can watch tonight’s keynote live at 7PM at:


New certification to add to the list – Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist

Back in February, I took Microsoft up on the offer to take a free beta exam of the upgrade test to convert my Microsoft Certified Solution Developer certification to its newer equivalent. Beta exams are really exciting until you realize that you’re not going to get any results for months. It has been quite a white now, so this morning I logged into the Microsoft Certified Professional site to check and, sure enough, the exam is listed in my transcript as “Passed”, giving metwo new certifications — Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist for the .NET Framework 2.0 (Web Application and Windows Applications). More >