Camtasia is one of those products that you see a lot of people using, but for some reason takes a long time to justify purchasing.  If you don’t know what Camtasia is, it’s a program that lets you create screen recordings, optionally along with voice, and then edit them to create great presentations or training videos.  Screencasts can then be published in a number of formats, including Flash.  The best part about the software is that it’s just SO easy to use!

Ease of use really is the key here.  The software is quick and easy to use, so you can create a screencast in little more time than it would take to demonstrate something to one person, and then save that screencast to a reference library that you can draw upon in the future.

My first main use of screencasts has been demonstration and training videos for The Salvage Center.  Their new site goes live the evening of June 1, so to prepare users for the transition, I created an online tutorial that demonstrates how to use the new site.  I have also created several reference screencasts, such as how to reset permissions in Internet Explorer, in case users call up and say that things aren’t working due to Javascript or cookies issues.  We also used Camtasia to create an early demo of the site for key client customers, so we could show them what the site will look like without the risk of crashes and with the option to extend some editorial control to rough patches.