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How to Remotely Enable Remote Desktop on Windows Server 2003

Here’s a neat tip I ran across today on Daniel Petri’s site

First, a bit of background on why the heck I was trying to do this.  Back in 2000, I bought a new Dell desktop.  Since then, I’ve purchased two laptops with the goal of getting rid of the desktop, but I’ve found that it’s just really nice to have an “always on” computer for quickly checking e-mail, looking up movie times, etc.  Also since then, I purchased a Dell SC400 service for really cheap ($329) which I have been using for a file server, Exchange server, etc.  In the More >

Five Months Left to Get Rid of Windows 98

Five months from today, support will end for Windows 98 and Windows ME.  I know what you’re saying: “Yeah yeah we’ve heard this before.  This won’t affect me because I never call Microsoft.”  This time, though, it’s a little different.  The biggy here is that after June 30, 2006, there won’t even be any more SECURITY UPDATES for Windows 98 and Windows ME.  Of course, it’s possible that if a major exploit comes out, Microsoft could release a 98/ME patch out of good will, but I wouldn’t count on it.  Remember that Windows Vista is coming out in the second More >