Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that Windows 2000 came out, easing our Windows NT woes, simplifying the IT administrators job, and opening the doors to a new generation of server product?

Well, believe it or not, as of today, Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2000 Professional enter “Extended Support,” meaning that customers will now have to pay for most support options, with the exception of security patches. Microsoft provides full support for products for 5 years, and after that they enter the “Extended Support” phase.

A lot of our clients are still running Windows 2000 servers, and this by no means signals an urgent need to switch off the server. As usual, we do not recommend in-place upgrades, in which we would upgrade your operating system from Windows 2000 Server to Windows Server 2003. While this is possible, it is usually filled with complications, which we would rather avoid (for both our sakes). Windows 2000 Server continues to be a stable platform and, while not as good as Windows Server 2003, will most likely serve your needs.

What we do recommend is that you use this opportunity to reevaluate your long-term server replacement plan. Most Dell servers come with a 3 year warrantee, after which point we usually recommend replacing the server, rather than renewing the support. Have you checked out the status of your server’s support contract recently? Now may be the perfect time to replace your old server, renewing your support and moving off Windows 2000. Questions… just drop us a line.